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Application Process

Yes there is an application process. Due to the very limited number of pets and the private home setting, dogs especially need to be screened for temperament and safety. With proper information we can recommend the most suitable package for your pet to ensure they are are happy, healthy, safe, and stress free. For your convenience there is an online application link below. If I have any additional questions after submission I will let you know. In some cases a test board may be recommended prior to a longer stay.

NEW PRICING effective January 1, 2018

Prices are PLUS GST

Boarding Packages

BASIC DOG BOARD - Over 1 Year Old


  • Be crate trained (happy and calm to be in crate/kennel/room and non-destructive)
  • Be potty trained (goes outside on a schedule not free access)
  • Have no aggression, including food and toy aggression
  • Have no separation anxiety
  • Have no confinement anxiety
  • Sleep quietly through the night minimum 8 hours


  • Walks as appropriate for dog and weather conditions
  • At least two potty breaks/play time outside

# of Dogs








*Dogs from the same household that can:

  • be walked together safely (little to no pulling on leash)
  • AND sleep together in same kennel
  • AND be unsupervised for short periods of time together. 

If additional dogs do not meet all these criteria, additional fees may apply.


Same criteria apply as for Basic Dog Board with a $10 add on for a bedtime buddy that will sleep in the same room as your dog for extra comfort or allow your dog(s) to sleep in human's bed. Many dogs being boarded for the first time benefit greatly from this added comfort, even for the first couple of nights.

PUPPY BOARD - 8 Weeks to 1 Year

Starting at $85/night with the following cumulative discounts for good behavior as your puppy grows and develops good habits over time:

a) -$10.00 if your puppy can sleep quietly through the night in a crate for at least 8 hours without fussing or messing.

b) -$10.00 if your puppy can sleep quietly through the night in a crate for at least 8 hours without fussing or messing in a separate room.

c) -$10.00 if your puppy is house trained to go out on a set schedule/times during the day. Not free access.

d)-$10.00 if your puppy can hold bladder for at least 4 hours during the day without a potty break.

The puppy packages allow us to better customize to your puppy's needs whether it be more potty breaks, more playtime with proper socialization, instilling basic manners, and providing housing options best suited to keeping your puppy happy and content so they have a positive experience.


If your dog prefers the one on one treatment you can reserve boarding exclusivity. Your pet will have the run of the boarding facility and get walks with the full attention of the handler. This package is good for dogs that are not fully social, may have toy or food aggression, prefer not to be kenneled or crated, or that require that little bit of extra attention.



  • Non-destructive
  • Potty trained (goes outside on a schedule not free access)
  • Free of separation anxiety. OK to be alone for up to 8 hours overnight in a separate room
  • Able to sleep quietly through the night


  • Two walks per day
  • At least two potty breaks/play time outside

DON'T LEAVE ME - 8 Weeks and up

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety to the point you can't leave your home without your dog showing symptoms of anxiety such as:

  • excessive/abnormal vocalization
  • excessive panting/hyperventilation
  • pacing
  • destruction of objects or harm to self
  • uncontrolled/unpredictable elimination

There is still an option for boarding. This package ensures that your pet is never left alone for the duration of their stay and anxiety measures and counter conditioning is put in place to ensure their anxiety does not get worse while you are away. 

Pricing is $8.57 per hours with 4 hours minimum per stay.



  • Not spray
  • Not be aggressive in any way
  • Be reasonably quiet
  • Require no medication (additional fees wouldapply)

# of Cats







**Cats from the same household that can:

  • be housed in the same room together. 

If additional catsdo not meet all these criteria, additional fees may apply.

Additional Services

Giving Oral/Topical Medication

Giving Injection

Blood Glucose Test

Basic Brush

Basic Bath & Brush

Nail Trim & File

Additional 1/2 hr Walk

Provincial Stat Holidays

  • New Year's Day (Jan 1)
  • Family Day (Feb 18)
  • Good Friday (Apr 19)
  • Victoria Day (May 20)
  • Canada Day (Jul 1)
  • Civic Holiday (Aug 5)
  • Labour Day (Sep 2)
  • Thanksgiving (Oct 14)
  • Remem. Day (Nov 11)
  • Christmas Day (Dec 25)

After Hours Pick Up/Drop Off

Forgotten Supply Pick Up (Downtown)


$2 per day

$3 per day



$10 per pet

$20 per pet

$10 per day/per household

$10 per incident

$10 per incident plus cost of supplies.

About the boarding facility:

The boarding area is within my private home located downtown Fort McMurray. The pets will be treated and cared for just as they would in your own home. I do my best to maintain your home schedule. They can have access to sofa, TV, music, their own beds if they have one, crates if you want to maintain crate training, whatever makes them feel at home and keeps them safe and happy.

Cats are boarded in separate rooms which all have windows for natural light, places to climb, cats own beds or crates, and radios or nature sounds to create a calming environment.

Click here to go to photo gallery:

Limited number of dogs:

The service is limited to a small number of dogs at any given time so your pets will not be one of many but rather will receive personalized attention. Compatible animals will be supervised during play sessions and those that prefer just to chill will be allowed that luxury.

What’s required:

All the basics of multiple pet boarding are required such as:

  • proof of vaccination/immunity, including bordatella for dogs
  • spayed/neutered over 6 months of age. Call if you have you any questions about this
  • suitable temperament, application process is required

Owner Supplied Items - We try to make your pet's stay with us as homey as possible so feel free to bring your pet's favorite bed, pillow, toys or other objects.

As a minimum, your pet will need you to bring:

  • Food: enough food for all their meals plus two extra meals in case of delays.
  • Treats: bring a little extra so your pet feels extra special
  • Collar: with city license tag and rabies tag as a minimum.
  • Walking tools (for dogs): harnesses, halti’s, jackets/booties and a standard 4 or 6 foot leash. No flexi-leashes, prongs, chokers, or shock collars please.

Facility Supplied Items

  • Food and water bowls
  • Blanket
  • Poo bags if needed on walks
  • Confinement areas

Feeding Arrangements - All pets will be fed as close to the owner’s home routine as possible. If there are multiple pets however, free feeding will not be possible unless you are ok to have them kenneled.

Raw food is not a problem and a fridge and freezer is available for food storage. All other dry food and treats should be in a re-sealable container or sturdy zip lock type bag, labeled with pet's name.

Daily Walks for Dogs - See individual boarding packages for details.

Pick Up and Drop Off Times

Pick up and drop off times shall be pre-arranged but in general shall be between 8AM and 8PM .

Deposits and Refund Policy

A full one-night boarding fee will be required to reserve your stay. This one-night fee will be non-refundable and non-transferable and reservations or inquiries are not guaranteed until deposit is received, processed, and acknowledged.

Full fees for entire stay must be paid in full a minimum of 7 days prior to drop off date. If payment is not received 7 days prior to stay, facility reserves the right to book other clients and Owner will forfeit their reservation and initial deposit. Stay extensions shall be normal rates based upon availability. All confirmations will be via e-mail only. Payments are to be made via e-transfer, Paypal, or cash.

Advance payments, once received and processed, will be non-refundable in all cases. Time limited credits to year end only will be granted in the case of cancellations prior to 7 days of the booking. Last minute cancellations less than 7 days prior to boarding shall forfeit all payments, fees, and credits at the discretion of PetSteps.

Boarding fees and rates may change from time to time but will be confirmed via e-mail at the time of reservation, prior to receipt of any payments.

Payment Options

E-mail Transfer to jane@petsteps.ca or

Paypal, click on options below. You can also use credit card through the Paypal option.

Basic Boarding, Dog, Puppy, & Cat - 2018 Pricing

Number of Dogs and Nights
Names of Pet(s)

Specialty Boarding and Add On Fees -2018 Pricing

Number of Dogs and Nights
Names of Pet(s)
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