Spay & Neuter - Just Do It!

I strongly believe in the Save Lives! Spay and Neuter! programs. I have seen far too many unwanted animals come through shelters including lots of uncared for, unwanted, unsold, or accidental puppies. Until every shelter in the country that cares for stray animals is closed and unnecessary, population control is reason enough. Unless you are a professional breeder and your dog has no behavioral issues, you should not be breeding your dog. Not only are you contributing to the overpopulation of animals you may be putting your pet at risk if the pregnancy goes badly, which it can in young females. If you are a responsible, licensed, and registered breeder, you probably don't need my services anyway since you will be well versed in animal behaviour and obedience already.


Plus, please ensure your pets are licensed and registered per the municipal bylaws. For more information on spaying, neutering, and licensing, go to: